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Tony Broadbent

Tony Broadbent has had a varied life which is reflected in his work. he has been painting for 40+ years, his primary interests are colour and form, along with abstract representation and his own interpretation of the human condition.

His concluded series ‘Art in the rain ‘ is inspired by the general malaise of 2007/8 when it rained both summers and was instrumental in channelling the delayed grief felt over the death of his mother from bowel cancer in 2006

Following this, 2008 – 2011 included various open exhibitions, charity events, making donations and renewing the love of painting in a more positive and selfish manner, as well as getting involved with other artists and generally appreciating ‘ doing’ the art first and foremost.

Since april 2012 he has been working in a very large Studio which is allowing the exploration of old styles and development into new areas and engaging in more live exhibitions.

Recently he exhibited as one of the top 100 emerging U.K. artists at The Other London Art Fair and is beginning to partake of wider public invitation Events/Art Fairs. He will be exhibiting at The Smith Gallery Brighouse from November for 26th in a collaberation with two other artists

Normally quite reticent about publicity, he now understands and believes that it is time to share his work in a much wider forum especially the larger works.

At present he is unrepresented to any one exclusive contract though he has and does sell his works via commission through Retail, High St and online Galleries and without commission directly to customers and repeat purchasers, many of his works have featured in magazines., articles, book covers though he would be the first to admit that keeping record of what happened when has never been pertinent to him – such things require organisation.

“My ambition is not to be an art prostitute nor do I want to be a lonely effete esoteric though I recognise the capacity of each direction in my work, art is simple it only gets complicated when others ask or tell you what it means.”

“If it means something to you without others words in your mind then good or bad, I have done my job which is to make you connect with the art. It has nothing to do with ‘likability’ in a Facebook manner but that first instinct/connection – yes or no – even if you do not know why”